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Customer Reviews

These guys show up on time, are very knowledgeable and informative. They really helped a new pool owner know what to expect and the costs involved in maintaining a pool. We will be long-time customers of this great team.

Steve Peterson

Absolute Water Professionals are easy to work with. They show up on time and are very knowledgeable about every expect of our pool.

Paul Ahlstrom

Very knowledgeable, professional and fast. My hot tub hadn’t been working for six months. They found the problem and got it fixed immediately. They price was very reasonable and they passed on some great tips and information for me on the care and maintenance of the tub. Definitely recommend absolute water professionals.

Kellie Peterson

Tyson was one of the few people that even got back to me when I was searching for a repair on my pool heater. He not only took my call but was very helpful over the phone. He was always responsive to calls and texts during the repair process. He got the job done as promised and at a very competitive price. Thank you AWP!

Kathy Horrocks

This company is amazing!!! There is nothing, with respect to pool repair, they cannot do!!! My filter pump was leaking water and I was sure that my pump was equivalent to burnt toast! While a lot of pool repair companies would try to sell me a new, expensive pump, these guys were diligent and took my pump apart and diagnosed the problem with simply being an impeller that had failed because I let it run dry! If you are looking for a pool repair company, don’t look any further! These guys are the very best I have ever seen and I’ve had pools all my life!!! Thank you so much!!! David


Tyson has continued to do superb work on our pool! He replaced the heater and the pool light and always has very good advice for caring for the pool. He comes when promised which is more than our last service ever did, and is up front about costs.

Phil Winters

Tyson and Luke were super helpful in getting my hot tub drained and refilled, cleaned and spruced up with new chemicals and lots of great advice for me about routine maintenance and care. Invaluable help as a new hot tub owner. So appreciate their knowledge and willingness to help me learn! They even went above and beyond by removing a dead animal from my porch area for me. Will use again and would definitely recommend. Thanks guys!

Colette Jensen

Exceptional service!! Especially loved that they responded quickly, communicated frequently and showed up when they said they would. Honor and Integrity are top on their minds- when they easily could have gone the expense route of fixing my hot tub vs. doing what was right and resolving my issue in a much less expense way. I highly recommend Tyson!! I am thrilled I have a Hot Tub guy now for life.

Chris Ebert

Tyson helped us out of a bind. We had a less than professional repairman come and check our our hot tub as it wasn't heating. After 2 weeks of "I'm having problems finding the part" I had had enough. I was referred to Tyson and his business Absolute Water Professionals. He was amazing to work with. We had a timeline crunch to fix our hot tub and Tyson made it all happen. We came home to a working hot tub. He kept me apprised of what was happening, how much it was going to cost and what the problem had been. (Not the "part" the other guy had said was wrong with it.) I have NO PROBLEM recommending Tyson and Absolute Water Professionals. They seriously are "Professionals"! Thank you for all your help and for keeping your word. In today's world, it's very much appreciated.


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