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Reliable Swimming Pool Repair by Absolute water Professional?

Have you detected a difference in the shade or condition of your swimming pool’s water lately? Perhaps you’ve noticed a leaky chlorine pump, a dirty filter, or a ripped pool liner. Over time, it’s not unusual for your swimming pool to require service to keep it looking and functioning as good as new. For nearly two decades, Absolute Water Professionals has provided reliable swimming pool repair in Salt Lake City, UT. Our team is licensed, insured, and certified to complete repairs on both residential and commercial swimming pools. We’re capable of diagnosing and troubleshooting issues of all sizes. Early detection and prompt attention could mean the difference in a minor repair and a costly part replacement. Contact us today to request service from one of the most trusted pool repair service companies in the region!

Our Swimming Pool Repair Services Won’t Break the Bank

Swimming Pool Repair in Salt Lake City, UT

At Absolute Water Professionals, we strive to keep our pricing simple, so you don’t have to worry about blowing your budget whenever you need our swimming pool repair services. We charge a flat fee of $100 to come and diagnose your problem. This cost includes our drive time and the first hour of labor. For every hour after that, we charge an additional $90. However, most of the time, we’re able to repair the problem in the first hour. Any parts required to complete the repair will be charged separately. We ask that you make a deposit of 50% of the part’s cost before we order it. This simple service rate makes it easy for you to afford swimming pool repairs when you need them!

Skimming the Surface: Common Swimming Pool Repair Services

Most swimming pool repairs we see are related to equipment and parts. From the air blower, filter, and pump to the chlorinator, heater, and timers, your pool has many components which work together to keep your pool at optimal performance levels. If you’ve heard any grinding or screeching noises or you’ve noticed signs of rust or a leak, don’t hesitate to call our team immediately. These can be red flags that something’s amiss with your backyard oasis. Clogged filters, leaky pumps, burnt-out pool lights, and skimmer leaks happen from time to time, but there’s nothing our technicians can’t fix. In addition to our swimming pool repair services, we also provide on-site pool water analyses, acid washes, leak detection services, and more. Our professionals would also be happy to take a look at your hot tub, fountains, or additional water features on your property, should they ever require repair.

Rely on Us for Pool Inspections, Maintenance, and Cleaning

It can be easy to forget about your swimming pool when nothing seems to be wrong. However, regular pool maintenance is essential to prevent issues from occurring. From your pool’s opening to getting it ready for winter, Absolute Water Professionals is there for Salt Lake City-area pool owners year-round. Ask about our weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly maintenance packages, which can be customized to your needs. We’ll take care of everything from inspecting your pool’s equipment to testing the water quality, vacuuming out the debris, skimming the surface, and clearing the baskets to ensure your peace of mind. We also include a written report for any work completed and chemicals used, so we’re all on the same page. Browse our testimonials to see why our pool repair and maintenance services come with so many referrals from satisfied customers.

Contact Us for All Your Swimming Pool Repair Needs

Absolute Water Professionals is the team you want to hire for all your swimming pool repairs in Salt Lake City, UT. With so many years of experience under our belt, we know exactly what to do when we encounter any sort of issue. When you entrust your swimming pool service and repair needs to us, we’ll inspect your pool’s current state and use our vast knowledge base to diagnose and repair the problem accurately. Our goal is for you and your family to get back to enjoying the water as quickly as possible. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you call our skilled team. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at your home. Getting and maintaining the pool of your dreams is a breeze with our team!

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