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Comprehensive Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

A swimming pool is an excellent addition to any backyard. Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to take a cool, refreshing dip to escape the intense summer heat, you’ll also enjoy low-impact exercise without having to go to the gym. Swimming is not only a great cardio workout, but it also helps relieve physical and mental stress while building the basis for quality time with friends and family. However, part of owning a pool is understanding how to take care of it. You must keep it clean of debris and keep an eye on its water chemistry levels to keep it safe for swimming. While you could complete all these tasks yourself, you could also rely on the team at Absolute Water Professionals to handle it for you. We provide comprehensive swimming pool maintenance services in Salt Lake City, UT. When you sign up for a full-season contract, you get to choose the pool service level you need with the option for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services. We urge you to reach out to us today to learn more about our options!

Why Is Swimming Pool Maintenance Important?


Professional pool & hot tub service in Salt Lake City, UT

With swimming pool ownership comes great responsibility. Your pool needs regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure safe use by your family and friends. Without proper care, your pool’s water condition could reach a potentially unhealthy level, which could cause sickness. However, the team at Absolute Water Professionals is here to ensure this doesn’t happen. We specialize in routine swimming pool maintenance, as well as pool repairs when necessary. You’ll love knowing your pool is being cared for by an experienced team, not to mention the fact that you won’t have to keep up with these tasks yourself.

What’s Included in Our Pool Maintenance Packages?

Imagine a carefree pool season – one in which you’re free to dive into a crystal-clear swimming pool without worrying about when it was last shocked or vacuumed. When you entrust your swimming pool maintenance to Salt Lake City’s Absolute Water Professionals, your vision becomes a reality. From your pool’s opening to its closing, we’re there for you all summer long. We’ll even help you winterize your pool to ensure it’s ready for next season. Our standard swimming pool maintenance packages include all the following swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services for your convenience:

  • Visual inspection of all pool equipment
  • Clean out the skimmer and pump baskets, removing leaves and debris
  • Vacuum the pool bottom
  • Remove large debris from the bottom of the pool
  • Skim the water line to remove leaves, sticks, pine needles, and other debris
  • Brush pool floor and walls
  • Clean out or backwash the filter to relieve pressure and restore flow rate
  • Test water chemistry and balance it as needed (chemicals not included in price)
  • Fill chlorinator and chlorine packs as needed
  • Test salt levels
  • Provide a written report of work completed and chemicals used

Pool & Spa Maintenance Packakages:

We offer a variety of different weekly pool maintenance packages that will suit any customer’s needs.

Weekly Maintenance $80
Weekly Maintenance with spa $90
Bi-Weekly Maintenance $100
Bi-Weekly Maintenance with spa $110
Weekly Chemical Check $62.50
Bi-Weekly Chemical Check $72.50


***Above pricing is labor only. Chemicals and/or additional materials are billed at time of service at the standard retail price. Please be advised that we only add chemicals purchased from Absolute Water Professionals. There may be additional trip charge added for jobs 20miles outside of SLC.

Pool Maintenance Tips Every Pool Owner Needs to Know

Owning a pool presents unique challenges to preserve your investment as long as possible. Here are some helpful pool maintenance tips we feel every pool owner should know:

  • Test the Water Quality Often – Your swimming pool needs consistent levels of chlorine and other chemicals to keep bacteria at bay. During the summer, you should check the water quality at least once per week to ensure the pH level remains between 7.4 and 7.6 for your safety.
  • Keep the Baskets and Filter Clean – Nobody wants to swim in murky, debris-filled water. You’ll need to clean the pool filter and check the skimmer baskets at least once a week.
  • Don’t Skimp on Skimming – Skimming is one of the most essential maintenance tasks you can perform as a pool owner. You should skim the surface of your pool with a net every day to remove leaves and other debris. If you notice any algae growth, scrubbing may also be required.
  • Keep an Eye on the Water Level – You should maintain a consistent water level at the halfway mark of your skimmer to keep your pool in working order. A high water level could cause your skimmer to malfunction, while a low water level could create issues for your pool’s pump.
  • Be Sure to Winterize Your Pool – When another summer has come to an end, and it’s time to put away your swimming suits, don’t forget to winterize your pool. This may include cleaning the pump and filter, removing the handrails and ladders, turning off the electricity, ensuring the valves are left in an open position, winterizing the heater, and installing a pool cover.
Before and After Pool Cleaning

Why Choose Salt Lake City’s Absolute Water Professionals?

You certainly have many swimming pool cleaning & maintenance companies to choose from in the Salt Lake City area. Absolute Water Professionals has nearly two decades of professional experience, and our team is licensed, insured, and certified to give you peace of mind. We service both residential and commercial pools with honest, dependable swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services. We strive to keep our pool maintenance costs as low as possible, so you can always give your pool the prompt attention it deserves. You can rest assured we’ll never try to upsell you on any maintenance or repairs you don’t need. Check out our testimonials to see why we enjoy so many long-time customers and referrals.

Call Us for Affordable Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

If you’re searching for affordable swimming pool maintenance services in the Salt Lake City area, give us a call. Absolute Water Professionals would love to help you keep your pool in pristine shape year-round. Contact our pool experts today to schedule service or to inquire about our weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly packages!

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