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Absolute Water Professionals Offers Custom Maintenance Plans

A hot tub is a relaxing addition to any backyard. Imagine being able to enjoy a revitalizing soak in it after a difficult workday or week. You’ll find all your stress and tension just melts away, as the soothing water alleviates your aches and eases your sore muscles. That sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? However, to ensure your hot tub stays in usable condition without any leaks or water quality issues, you must commit to routine hot tub maintenance. Salt Lake City, UT residents have counted on Absolute Water Professionals for nearly 20 years. Our team provides a comprehensive hot tub maintenance service with customized plans available. Choose from our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service options when you purchase a full-season contract. Ensure your hot tub gets the tender loving care it needs and stays clean throughout the year. Contact our team to learn more or to schedule service at your home or commercial facility!

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Why Is Regular Hot Tub Maintenance Necessary?

Soaking regularly in a hot tub has been shown to help individuals lower their blood pressure, minimize arthritis aches and pains, lower their blood sugar levels, destress, sleep better at night, and even lose weight. With so many added benefits of hot tub ownership, it’s no wonder so many homeowners are deciding to invest in one for their backyards. Sticking to a hot tub maintenance schedule is essential to protect your investment for the long term. If the thought of keeping up with hot tub maintenance seems overwhelming, you can rely on our professionals to do it for you year-round. We keep our hot tub maintenance costs as low as possible for families on a tight household budget. Similar to a swimming pool, your hot tub needs to be balanced chemically for safe usage. Hot tubs must also be sanitized to keep bacteria at bay, and you’ll need to ensure the water temperature remains consistent. Allowing the water to freeze can cause cracks and leaks, leading to more costly hot tub repairs.

What’s Included in Our Hot Tub Maintenance Packages?

Your hot tub requires regular maintenance to continue providing you with a warm, relaxing environment in your backyard. Absolute Water Professionals can give you absolute peace of mind by giving your hot tub the attention and care it needs to continue working for many years. Our affordable hot tub maintenance packages ensure all vital components are thoroughly checked and ready for safe, efficient operation. The standard maintenance package we offer includes all of the following services:

  • 12-point visual inspections
  • Check chemicals and balance them when needed (chemicals not included in the price)
  • Test water chemistry weekly and balance as needed
  • Vacuum debris from your hot tub
  • Top off the water
  • Clean and rotate the filters
  • Drain and fill four times per year
  • Clean and condition the cover as needed
  • Startup water balancing
  • Test filters and replace as necessary (new filters not included in the price)
  • Chemically clean filters monthly
  • Ensure automation is functioning properly

Pool & Spa Maintenance Packakages:

Weekly Maintenance $80
Weekly Maintenance with spa $90
Bi-Weekly Maintenance $100
Bi-Weekly Maintenance with spa $110
Weekly Chemical Check $62.50
Bi-Weekly Chemical Check $72.50


Spa Only Maintenance Packakages:

Weekly Maintenance $62.50
Bi-Weekly Maintenance $72.50

***Above pricing is labor only. Chemicals and/or additional materials are billed at time of service at the standard retail price. Please be advised that we only add chemicals purchased from Absolute Water Professionals. There may be additional trip charge added for jobs 20miles outside of SLC.

Helpful Hot Tub Maintenance Tips for Salt Lake City Residents

Is it your first time owning a hot tub? You may feel overwhelmed, wondering where to begin with caring for it. Here are some helpful hot tub maintenance tips we feel every owner should know:

  • Test the Water Quality Often – Your hot tub should be tested 2-4 times per week to ensure the chemicals are balanced. The pH level should remain between 7.4 and 7.6, but it’s also important to keep an eye on the chlorine, bromine, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels.
  • Clean the Hot Tub Filter – You’ll find your hot tub’s filter near the skimmer basket in many models, although it could also be located underneath the hot tub itself. You’ll need to change your filter every 10-15 cleanings, replacing it completely every 1-2 years.
  • Air Out the Cover – We recommend removing your hot tub’s cover at least twice per week to give it a chance to breathe. You’ll also want to clean the cover regularly to remove oils, dirt, pollen, and other debris to keep your hot tub and its cover looking great.
  • Sanitize Your Hot Tub – You’ll want to keep your hot tub clean and sanitary. We recommend fully draining it every 3-4 months and cleaning all of its surfaces and plumbing thoroughly. Most pool and spa stores carry spa cleaner sprays, which are specially formulated to remove phosphates, nitrates, and other common hot tub contaminants.
  • Refill Your Hot Tub – It’s vital to keep an eye on your hot tub’s water level. Letting it go too high will cause your hot tub to overflow, but having it go too low can damage its pump. Be sure to top off the water level from time to time.

Interested in Purchasing a Hot Tub Maintenance Package?

If you’re a home or business owner in need of hot tub maintenance in the Salt Lake City area, look no further than Absolute Water Professionals. No matter the season, we’re here to ensure your hot tub remains in tip-top shape. If you’d like to learn more about our maintenance packages or you’re interested in purchasing one, please reach out to our team today. We’d be happy to help you find the right hot tub maintenance package for your lifestyle and budget!

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