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Rely on Absolute Water Professionals to Keep You Safe

Owning a swimming pool or hot tub is a luxury more people are choosing to invest in for their backyard. Imagine taking a soak under the stars on a breezy evening or enjoying time in the water with friends and family during a weekend barbecue. With a pool or hot tub, ownership comes responsibilities to ensure safe use and long-term satisfaction. Many home and business owners rely on the professional hot tub and swimming pool service companies to take care of the tedious tasks involved with keeping their water crystal clear and free of debris and contaminants.

If you need a pool and hot tub maintenance in Salt Lake City, UT, Absolute Water Professionals is here for you. Our team is licensed, insured, and certified to provide the high level of customer service you desire. Hot tub and pool maintenance costs don’t have to break the bank. When you depend on us to look out for your maintenance and repair needs, you can expect competitively-priced maintenance packages and flat fees for service calls. Whether you need residential or commercial swimming pool maintenance, we encourage you to reach out to us to request pool services or an estimate. You won’t be disappointed!

Pool leak detection service in Salt Lake City, UT

Pristine Pools Begin with Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Our pool cleaning and maintenance services include vacuuming your pool, removing debris from the skimmer and pump baskets, testing the water chemistry, and visually inspecting the equipment for signs of wear. We always include a written report of all work completed, as well as all chemicals that were used for your peace of mind. Be sure to ask about our weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly packages.

Pool Repairs Are a Breeze, Thanks to Our Professionals

From leaky pumps to clogged filters, burnt-out lighting, and torn pool liners, we specialize in swimming pool repairs of all varieties. Don’t let a minor pool repair escalate into something worse requiring an expensive replacement. Call Absolute Water Professionals to promptly diagnose and troubleshoot your issue, so you can get back to enjoying the water with your friends and family.

Hot Tub Cleaning and Maintenance, So You Can Enjoy Yourself

You’ll never have to worry about hot tub maintenance again when you rely on our experienced team for 12-point visual inspections, startup water balancing, and more. Our hot tub maintenance service comes highly recommended. Just check out our testimonials for peace of mind you’re doing the right thing!

Cool Your Jets and Rely on Us for All Your Hot Tub Repairs

Whether your hot tub doesn’t get hot anymore, your jets won’t turn on, or your water looks murky, count on us for an accurate diagnosis and hot tub repair. Age and exposure to the elements will take a toll on your hot tub, but we can ensure it remains at peak performance levels. We’re also renowned for our reasonable hot tub repair costs. We charge $100 for the first hour and $90 for every additional hour.

Pool in Backyard

On-Site Pool Water Analysis Is Essential for Pool Maintenance

One of the most essential parts of salt water pool maintenance is keeping the water chemistry balanced. Maintaining this balance is vital to your family’s health and well-being, as it keeps harmful contaminants in your water at bay. Rely on our on-site pool water analysis services to keep your pool in tip-top shape.

Pool Opening and Closing Services to Protect Your Pool

No matter the season, Absolute Water Professionals is there for you. Count on us for all your pool opening and closing needs to preserve the lifespan of your equipment. We’ll ensure your pool is summer-ready by installing your handrails and ladders, testing the water chemistry, and vacuuming the debris out of it. We can also winterize your pool to protect it from Salt Lake City’s harsh winter weather.

Our Acid Washes Make Your Pool Look Like New Again

If you own a concrete swimming pool, surface stains can accumulate from chemicals and prolonged exposure to the elements. If scrubbing and vacuuming don’t seem to help, request our acid wash services for a deeper clean. Say goodbye to algae, chlorine, and mineral stains and hello to a beautiful, brand new-looking pool with one of our acid washes!

Rely on Our Leak Detection Detectives to Fix Your Leaks

Leak detection is a pool and hot tub repair service we take very seriously. Not only is leaking water a waste of resources, but it can also damage your equipment. Our team has many years of leak detection expertise to pinpoint your leak’s exact cause and determine the best method to fix it.

Pool Openings & Closings

Real Estate Inspections Allow You to Buy or Sell Confidently

For anyone who’s about to buy or sell a home with a swimming pool or hot tub on the property, we provide real estate inspections, so that you can buy or sell in confidence. We’ll identify any problem areas to help you save thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs. Our team checks all the hardware, including the drains, lights, handrails, and ladders, as well as the electrical and plumbing components for safety issues.

New Pool & Spa Construction in Salt Lake City

Are you interested in installing a brand-new swimming pool or hot tub on your Salt Lake City, UT property? Absolute Water Professionals’ technicians are Certified Pool & Spa Operators and are ready to assist with all your new pool and spa construction. Check out our frequently asked questions, and then contact our local pool experts with any questions. We look forward to making your backyard dream oasis a reality!

For All Your Pool and Hot Tub Needs