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Swimming Pool Inspection Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Absolute Water Professionals provides clients with a swimming pool inspection in Salt Lake City, UT. If you want to buy or sell your property and ensure a successful transaction, we’ll thoroughly inspect your pool from the time we start to the moment we leave. Our comprehensive reporting details everything you need to know about your pool or spa’s safety, quality, and efficiency. We evaluate all aspects of your pool systems, ensuring you can make the best choices for your transaction. Whether you need to prove quality, real estate leverage, or solidify a sterling reputation, we’ll provide the analysis you need to seal a successful deal.

Pool in Backyard

What is A Pool and Spa Inspection?

Inspecting your pool or spa is necessary to maintain safety, improve structural stability, and maximize energy efficiency. Homeowners usually have their pool checked for a specific reason, such as fixing cracks and leaks, testing the water quality, and beyond. The goal of an inspection is to maintain and enhance your pool system quality.

Real estate transactions are often preferred or required when closing a business deal. Unlike a standard inspection, real estate inspections provide holistic analysis and overall view of your pool’s condition, addressing any existing and potential issues your pool can face.

Installing a pool system is among the largest, most expensive project a homeowner will perform. The problem is that many homeowners don’t know what to look for, and that’s why hiring professionals at Absolute Water Professionals will produce the best results possible.

Why Is A Real Estate Pool Inspection Important?

Hiring inspectors for a real estate inspection is crucial to your success. Whether you want to buy or sell, a review will provide insight into the pool’s current condition, detailing potential issues or concerns before the transaction is complete. After your inspection, a specialist will give you a comprehensive report on your pool’s needs, so you have a clearer view of how to proceed. Inspectors will provide you with the following:

  • Safety: If you’re buying or selling a property, you want confidence knowing that the pool is in good condition. Problems with your pool can be annoying a least and harmful at most. With an inspection, you’ll be put at ease knowing that your inspector will address any existing or potential issues before you finalize your transaction.
  • Business Advantage: An inspection serves as a bargaining chip and leverage tool for your real estate transaction. If your examination reveals problems with the pool, you can encourage the homeowner to make the repairs before your transaction is completed. You can also use the inspection to get a reduced price or a better deal.
  • Proof of Ownership: Having a pool is attention-grabbing and highly appealing to potential buyers, but look deeper, and you may find issues with your pool that need to be corrected before selling your property. An inspection provides honest assessments of your pool’s quality, making you more trustworthy and increasing the chances of a successful deal.

Common Problems with Pools and Spas

The following issues are the most found during an inspection. If your inspector finds these issues, they will let you know in your detailed report so you can make the necessary repairs:

  • Non-compliance with safety requirements
  • Equipment leaks and cracks.
  • Dirty or dysfunctional filters.
  • Lack of drain covers.
  • Inappropriately vented heaters.
  • A deteriorated shell or plaster.
  • Water indicating geological problems.
  • Poor or incomplete circuits.
  • Improperly bonded metals.
  • Broken or damaged lights.

What Does A Pool Inspection Cover?

Your pool will be evaluated entirely from conception to completion during your inspection. Our team is here to inspect the following:

  • Safety Features and Requirements: An inspection will determine whether your pool follows local health and safety regulations. Requirements differ from state to state, so hiring a professional who knows local regulations is crucial to a successful inspection. Even if your pool isn’t entirely up to code, a pool inspection will help you get there.
  • The Pool’s Physical State: A professional can evaluate your pool’s structure, interior, and materials used to construct your pool. Your decking and tiles will be analyzed to find any signs of damage or deterioration. If there are faults in these areas or your pool shows a decline, an inspection report will help determine the necessary pool repairs.
  • Necessary Equipment: Like a car or bus, pools rely on parts and equipment to function correctly. We’ll evaluate your pumps, filters, heating, cooling, and beyond to ensure your equipment is in excellent working condition. We’ll also report any damages that need fixed or equipment to be replaced.
  • Infrastructure and Systems: We’ll analyze your complete systems, along with individual components, to ensure top pool quality. Typical systems include drainage, plumbing, and electric lines that need to be updated or repaired. Our team can check for leaks and prevent potential flooding with a comprehensive inspection.
  • Other Features as Needed: Your pool is a complex feature with many components. After scheduling an inspection, we will thoroughly evaluate elements such as your spa, pool covers, diving boards and slides, lighting, and any automated or remote platforms.

How Long Does A Swimming Pool Inspection Take?

The length of your inspection depends entirely on the size and complexity of your pool. However, most reviews take no longer than a few hours.

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